To provide every client with unique and distinguished service, comprising personalized relationships and searching for intelligent and innovative solutions for each challenge.


To be reference in solutions, results and relationships in the tax and business law areas.



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Camilotti Castellani – Law Firm was formed based on the association of highly specialized and trained partners with the same goal: to always seek excellence and efficiency in order to find alternatives and create opportunities for its clients, in all situations.

As a law firm, we believe that society and business are closely related structures that can be enhanced by the law, from ethical, effective and fair actions, specialized advocacy being the key tool in this respect.

We practice and believe in modern law, as no longer chiefessays.net only an instrument of contingency solutions but also as a management tool.

With awareness of legal and business developments, Camilotti Castellani offers its clients comprehensive support to guide in decision-making, leveraging company’s results.

These are the reasons our clients become associates and our office becomes a concrete part of each company assisted.

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Constant monitoring of customer’s routine and activities allows our office to act not only in legal situations, but also to interact and participate in preventive and regularly planning and development of our clients’ business activities.

Since the formation of our office, we guide and support all staff in management and decision processes, seeking find bride empathy and affinity with each client in order to find the best strategies to optimize results in a secure and lasting way.

The performance and experience of partners have been key to a sound development of business and great partnerships, achieving greater proximity between clients and staff.

We support and encourage full interaction between the office and our customers in order to generate a natural and smooth complicity.

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