The tax area is the segment of financial law that gathers the highest degree of specialization and relies on a technical work of highly aggregated value, as it defines the collection of taxes from citizens by the State.

Tax law is based on a set of regulatory laws on fees, taxes and contributions and on the enforcement of these obligations.

We are responsible for academic writers online write my essay paper advising companies giving legal business support and guidance for proper practice of commercial operations, legal affairs, capital market transactions and other activities of the company.

This whole process is done through the analysis of tax consequences at all levels – federal, state and municipal.

Estate Tax Planning

Tax planning, also known as tax avoidance, is the set of measures and actions designed to enable greater efficiency in the fiscal management of the company. That is, it is a method used to reduce tax burdens (taxes, fees and contributions).

Unlike tax evasion, fraud, among others, tax planning seeks to reduce tax burdens by using legal means in its favor, without breaking any law.

Therefore, it is necessary to design the company’s economic activities in order to be aware of the valid alternatives within the law.

The strategies used in tax and estate planning aim to:

  • Enable tax savings
  • Organize business and family estate actions
  • Systematize asset protection to partners and business managers

Through constant guided processes in complete safety and legal feasibility of the proposed actions, tax planning is a necessary tool to face the market and business competition, being a determining factor in the composition of costs and profitability of a company. .

On that front, we use different strategies, such as:

  • book-keeping and accounting assignments review;
  • establishment of holdings, operating and non-operating companies;
  • organization of corporate operations by consolidation, merger, spin-off or transformation, among other strategies.

In estate planning, proper action will avoid family conflicts and significant financial losses, especially in situations involving personal debt or corporate contingencies, and ensure the management of distribution of goods according to the guidelines of the holder thereof.

Operations Structuring and Consulting

The highlight of our performance in advisory tax law is the analysis of our client’s business routines in a proactive and participatory manner in order to identify possible points of action, to ensure efficient advisory activity.

Tax advice is broad, involving not only the analysis of the tax law in all spheres, but also the adequacy of contracts, structures and corporate instruments and book-keeping and entries validation. Continuously seeking the best economic reflexes.

The highpoint is the conduct of drafting outlooks and legal opinions, involving individual cases or identifying opportunities for the use of benefits and tax savings, therefore enabling the enhancement of the company’s results.

Judicial and Administrative Litigation

Taxation involves procedures academic writers online write my essay paper in the executive branch itself, in the so-called administrative courts, as well as in the judiciary, at all levels, at the federal, state and municipal.

In this case, “litigation” is a legal term used to refer to anything that might be assessed or disputed by procedural, judicial and / or administrative means. Thus, judicial and administrative litigation seeks complete protection of clients’ interests in tax proceedings.

We are responsible for handling tax processes with the objective of mutually combating possible tax requirements and of seeking recovery of taxes or changing the procedure of incidence and assessment of taxation.register pet as emotional support