The business activity is clearly one that involves risk. Market uncertainties, partner defaults, national political and economic crises, international market, among other factors, can lead to serious cash flow problems and difficulties for the day-to-day business.

In this context, corporate crises arise. Crises that, if well administered, may be fleeting and not very impacting in the business.

Companies that present serious cash flow problems, due to bank and/or suppliers indebtedness, have at their disposal the Judicial Recovery instrument, an efficient and extremely effective process for overcoming crisis and structuring liabilities.

We offer to companies in difficulty, extensive advice in planning and conducting the Judicial Recovery process, in order to maximize the positive effects of this instrument. We elaborate, in addition to all the procedural strategy and the demanding technical conduct, Judicial Recovery plans and negotiation with creditors, seeking full approval of the proposal in creditor’s assemblies.

Judicial recovery, if well planned and executed, is undoubtedly the greatest and most effective benefit given by law to entrepreneurs and business enterprises and, for this reason, should be better understood and used by to register your dog as an emotional support animalpay for essay