essay plagiarism checkeremotional support animal prescriptionInternational trade is one of the most planning demanding areas and, therefore, companies that export or import goods or services require expert advising.

We offer solutions tailored to the needs of each client. Thus, we have a Camilotti Castellani branch office – Law Firm in Lyon, France, dedicated especially to the work within the European Union.

We provide legal advice on import and export operations of goods and services between Brazil and the European Union. Our work takes place in levels related to planning, consulting and international litigation.

Our work in International Business takes place in three levels: planning, consulting and litigation.


Within planning and structuring of international operations, we work with three fronts:

  1. Specialized advice on structuring trade operations with the countries of the European Community in the areas of customs, tax, exchange, contracts, commercial and labor.
  2. Drafting and negotiating contracts, documents and records of import and export operations and analyzing tariff barriers to goods and services, as well as “rules of origin” and trade compliance.
  3. Legal consultancy specialized in processes for implementation of international subsidiaries, branches or holdings within the European Union. We have an extensive support network with entities specialized in hosting companies from a wide range of industries.


Customs Law is a branch of tax law considered as the set of legal rules responsible for regulating and controlling international trade operations.

Within this, we work with consulting in:

  • Customs procedures
  • Taxation
  • Tax benefits in international trade
  • Customs assessment
  • Tax classification

The advisory service to partner companies in the European market consists of legal support for business, through detailed analysis of tax impacts in all spheres, and guidance for proper practice of operations in international trade.

We offer special treatment when it comes to international agreements and to bilateral (or multilateral) negotiations, in order to assure companies a better use of trade opportunities and greater gains in international operations.


When it comes to international business, we work in two ways:

  • Administrative Litigation: preventive monitoring and guidance.
  • Judicial litigation: defensive action of the interests of our clients in the processes of the international trade area.

International action involves, in many cases, adequate representation in litigation, either as a trade defense in international forums (with imposition of anti-dumping safeguards and tariff barriers), in disputes within the international arbitration chambers (WTO) or even in solutions of contractual divergences.