professional proofreading servicesCorporate Law is related to business companies (a limited liability company, corporation, etc.) and the relevant issues to partners and shareholders.

The correct structure of corporate management is essential to business development. We offer corporate technical support to all those involved in the activity, be it the company, the partners or the managers.

Among the activities in this segment are:

  • legal structuring of business operations;
  • support to businesses and corporate acts in creatingand implementing companies;
  • legal representation before public administration bodies, preparation of studies for the establishment of joint ventures and others.

The study and preparation of acts necessary for strategic interference – such as bylaws and MOA (memorandum of association), partners and shareholders agreement, special clauses of management control and regulation – are still widely used in this segment.

We also offer full support to our clients in litigation and corporate disputes, such as:

  • exclusion of shareholders;
  • conflicts of interest;
  • Mismanagement;
  • acquisitions and sales of social capital, among others.

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